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Customized design  
1¡¢Design the LOGO for customer.
2¡¢Customized color base on your assigned panton No.
3¡¢Customized material of the machine.
4¡¢Base on your game to change the function or add additional function of the machine.
5¡¢Base on your game, add additional spare parts on the machines
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Kenyans witness new Lottery Machine
In order to prove the lottery activity is very open ,fair and impartial ,Kenya organized some citizens to witness overall lottery process on legal holidays .
In the afternoon on April 3th ,2011, representatives and activity staffs reached Nairobi .After strict safety inspections , everyone was in the lottery hall and witnessed overall process. From balls being ready before lottery ,to balls getting out of the machine at last ,the compere showed how to operate lottery machine and made explanation. After these they held some prizes and tried lottery at once .Lottery process was nervous but this activity was very sucessful .All citizens were very happy , even people who didn¡¯t get the prize also said :¡°This activity is very fair with this lottery machine !¡±
This lottery machine is automatic, it is safe and convenient ,and lottery process is high-visible ,it totally shows you open , fair and impartial features .This lottery machine is supplied by our company. To meet all customers¡¯ requirement , we have special logo , change machine color and material , adding or reducing some equipment inside the machine .so the lottery machine is more practical .
With the using scope of lottery machine expanding , our company will recommend more designs of lottery machine to the market and provide high quality products and service .
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Address:No.216,Qiaoxing Road,Shiqiao Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China.

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